Stage Zero: Emergent
Students at this stage are unable to consistently count a given number of objects because they lack knowledge of counting sequences and/or the ability to match things in one-to-one correspondence.

Stage One: One-to-one Counting
This stage is characterised by students who can count and form a set of objects up to ten but cannot solve simple problems that involve joining and separating sets, like 4 + 3.

Stage Two: Counting from One on Materials
Given a joining or separating of sets problem, students at this stage rely on counting physical materials, like their fingers. They count all the objects in both sets to find an answer, as in “Five lollies and three more lollies. How many lollies is that altogether?”

Stage Three: Counting from One by Imaging
This stage is also characterised by students counting all of the objects in simple joining and separating problems. Students at this stage are able to image visual patterns of the objects in their mind and count them.


Have a look in Shared Teacher Resources Folder - Ruahine Team - Maths Games, there are a lot of games that cover Basic Facts/ Number ID/Grouping/Doubles/Skip Counting etc.....

Pictures of a house that go with bear counters. Facts to 5. 3 bears upstairs and 2 downstairs - use for basic facts or add/sub. Plastic animals on farm sheet for doubles/add/sub groupings. (Niki has this resource)

Lino shapes with numbers on- lily pads - crossing the river, spread lino squares out, jump on the circle etc... or 3+6 - jump on the answer, number recognition.
Sparkle box resource - I have 24 who has 10 + 6, I have 16, who has...

Tens frames hold up as flash card - how many, how many more do you need to make 10 etc.. As a starter, clapping rhythms for counting
Snappy Knows, Adding to 5, Doubles to 10 & 20, Subtraction etc...Basic Facts programme. (Karen has this resource)

Squeeze Boxes - Number tubes, use for numbers to 9, to 99, many ways to use

Turtles sheet shared for adding, subtracting numbers, basic facts (Karen has this resource)
Tricky Tigers /Minus Monkeys- Write answers on whiteboards

Use instruments for odd/even counting

Tigers game can adapt for counting in teams. Using games from MathsGames4 in team folder.

Teacher picks 2 cards and makes a number eg 76, put a peg on it on a 100’s number line . Class in 2 teams and a deck of cards, team to pick 2 cards eg 1 and 9 can choose to make it 19 or 91. Team wins who has number closest to teacher’s number eg 76. Put different coloured pegs on for each teams number to see which is closest. Best of 3.

Also shared Mighty maths sheets for basic facts, these go home as homework. (Vikki has this resource)

Ten in a Bed

Making number combinations to ten, moving to imaging.